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Beautiful Pigeon Photos 2013

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Patti wale Kabootar 2013

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Pure White Racing Pigeons Beautiful 2013

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Red Racing Pigeon

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racing pigeons pictures

The Book

A picture of the top German racer "The Book". As a young bird, he was 3rd, 7th, 9th, 10th and his nestmate also added a 2nd and a 6th. The pigeon was bred (and named) by the super fancier Dieter Siebert of Germany. The pigeon also happens to be the full brother to my pigeon "The German"

(see picture below).

The German Cock

"The German" - Bred by Dieter Siebert of Germany.

The nestmate to "The German" finished 182 in the South African race and should be shipped here shortly.


The German Cock

Eye of "The German"



Inbred Horemans off the great racer, The Mealy Cock -Recently Sold

The Mealy Cock

Eye of the Mealy Cock

If you look very carefully, you will see four yellow dots in this eye that look something like a tiger paw. This is a very good picture of a very small cluster. Clusters tend to get bigger with age. I have always wondered if the number of spots grow or if the existing spots grow in size, but this particular cock is two years old and the number of spots has not changed.

The Mealy Hen

The Daughter to the Mealy Cock

If you look very carefully, you will see that she also has a cluster that is not as pronounced as the father's, but it will eventually be bigger than his as the beads of the cluster grow.


Qualls Hen

The Qualls Hen - Placed well in the Snowbird Race - Part of the Survivor Pair

The German

Eye of the Qualls Hen


The Survivor Cock - Son to the Survivor Hen which won the Survivor Series as a seven year old. Also Mother to a 600 mile winner.

The Survivor Cock

Eye of the Survivor Cock


Young Bird Eye

The Super Cock (Right), was recently sold.

New Son 550 Winner

Son of Ed's 550 Mile and Championship Points Winning Hen, which is the sister of Silver Streak and Quick Silver

Currently mated to:

Super breeding hen 973

The Super 973 - Recently Sold

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